Online Comedy

Fresh Blood 2024: Finally, KingsLand gets released

KingsLand focuses on Reg, an older First Nations man who has an extra tough time just living his life in... Read More »

Hideout in plain site

From The Hideout with Pete Smith, Tony Martin and Djovan Caro is a loose chat between three men who share a similar set of... Read More »

A Short Monologue

The web series Monologue shows what happens behind the scenes at a pop-culture publication. But is it... Read More »

Overwhelmed & Living in Flats

Two new shows, Judith Lucy’s podcast Overwhelmed & Living and the YouTube series Flats, explore modern living in two very different... Read More »

Shut Up and Limbo

The YouTube series Shut Up and the recently announced series Limbo take two very different approaches to... Read More »

Surfing the Dark Web

Hot Department: Dark Web parodies pop culture consumed online – TikTok dance videos, Netflix, film clips, YouTube ads – but with a dark... Read More »

Comedy songs make us cum

Coal Makes Me Cum is clearly resonating with a lot of people now, but it's not a great song and it feels a bit... Read More »

Ain’t no party like a VHS Revue party

VHS Revue goes beyond making obvious cheap shots about how things were really weird in the past. It digs into why they're... Read More »

Close to the Power of the Dream…but no cigar

The Power of the Dream, a new Olympics-themed web series is a worthwhile reminder that not all those who strive for greatness achieve... Read More »

New original comedy? Amazing! No, Amazon

Last week Amazon Prime Video announced that it is investing $150 million in seven original local shows, including three... Read More »