Press Releases

Superwog Characters Described as “Iconic”, Antics Still Considered “Usual”

Press release time! Theo and Nathan Saidden will bring back their iconic Superwog characters for a new standalone series, Son of a Donkey. The Saiddens will write, direct, produce and star in the series also produced by Princess Pictures for Netflix.  In Son of a Donkey, we meet Theo just as he moves out of... Read More »

Taskmaster is back

Both the Taskmaster concept and that we're getting two series of it in one year, say a lot about where TV comedy is... Read More »

There’s no Colin from Accounts-ing for taste

Colin from Accounts is back in May. But can a second series be as successful as the first? Or will audiences realise it's actually not... Read More »

All the News that Fisks

Press release time! The key to all this is “now also around the world”. But hey, no complaints here if the Netflix effect is working to make an Australian comedy internationally popular for once. Later in 2024 can’t come fast... Read More »

Finally Some Good News For Once

Press release time! The Cheap Seats Returns To Cover The Important Stories. Premieres Tuesday, 30 April At 8:30pm On 10 And 10 Play. Some have said that The Cheap Seats hosts, Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald, took a superficial approach to news and current affairs last season. This feedback has been taken seriously and is something season... Read More »

No Comedy Stans

Press release time! March 12, 2024 – Stan, Australia’s leading local streaming service and unrivalled home of original productions, announced 25 Stan Originals across television, film and documentaries during an intimate Stan Originals Showcase held at the iconic Sydney Opera House.  We know what you’re thinking: comedy is back baby! After all, with 25 Stan... Read More »

Where has all the comedy gone? Part 3,671

In not-very-surprising news, a study into first run Australian content on ABC has found a 41% decline over the past... Read More »

The World of Tomorrow 2.0: Snore ABC

It’s been well over a year since the incoming federal Labor government promised a new cashed up world for the ABC. Okay, so 2023 was always going to be business as usual. But surely 2024 was going to present us with the fruits of that momentous electoral decision? Mo’ money, mo’ programming and all that.... Read More »

The World of Tomorrow

“We are all interested in the future,” someone once said, “because that is where we shall be spending the rest of our lives”. But what if the future looks really shit? Welcome to the magical world of Australian television’s plans for 2024. In recent weeks the commercial networks and streaming services have been holding their... Read More »

Never Underestimate the Power of the Press

Press release time! And we’ve been waiting for this one: Ahem. It’s obvious to all that our recent “Where’s Stories From Oz?” campaign was the driving force behind getting this finally on air. It’s clearly in no way the result of a scheduling decision that was probably made months ago and the very idea is... Read More »