Comedy TV

What What in the Butt (of television)

Last year’s 2020:The Last Year of Television was one of the hidden gems of 2020, a snarky Charlie Brooker-influenced takedown of Australian television – not exactly the toughest subject to kneecap, but considering the media-inspired glow that still somehow persists around an “industry” built almost entirely on selling vacuum cleaners, a necessary job none the... Read More »

Be Prepared

Physical comedy! That’s something we haven’t seen on Australian television in a while. There’s a bunch of reasons to come away from the first episode of Preppers thinking “…ok?”, but the fact it features lead and co-creator Nakkiah Lui struggling with an obstacle course is one big tick in its favour. Preppers is the story... Read More »

Vale Frayed series 2

Despite some difficult subject matter in series two Frayed managed to portray the issues sensitively and keep the audience laughing.... Read More »

Vale Bert Newton

Bert Newton was an all-rounder, a man of enormous energy and versatility. In many ways, the ultimate Australian television... Read More »

Three spreadsheets to the wind

Paramount+’s sitcom Spreadsheet is a show which assumes there’ll laughs if the main character is an idiot caught up in madcap... Read More »

Vale Wednesday Night Comedy just in General Really

So Fat Pizza: Back in Business ended on yet another knife-edge cliffhanger that’ll be desperately written out of continuity if the series ever comes back. What, you thought just because Paul Fenech has two series for 7Mate next year that he’d actually wrap this one up? Housos: The Thong WarriorFrom the suburbs to the outback,... Read More »

Hey! Hey! They’re back again!

Hey Hey it's 50 years played it safe, keeping the focus on nostalgia of 20+ years ago rather than the reality of what Hey! Hey!... Read More »

Vale Question Everything

And once again we say goodbye to a series nobody asked for. Usually when the ABC serves up yet another head-scratcher there’s some kind of demented logic behind it – and by “demented logic” we mean “external funding body”. But every now and again there’s a show like Question Everything, some utterly pointless slab of... Read More »

Still Frayed

Frayed, unusually for an Australian dramedy, has a compelling and suspenseful plot, lots of funny lines, and well-written, complex... Read More »

Too sexist for this shirt

Australia’s Sexiest Tradie took a bit of a turn last week, delving further into the toxic masculinity of lead character Franky... Read More »