Comedy TV

The best café coffee you’ll have all year

A new series from Aunty Donna is always something to look forward to and Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café does not... Read More »

Vale, Would I Lie To You? Australia series 2

Would I Lie To You? remains on air not because it’s entertaining but because it’s cheap to make and enough people are prepared to... Read More »

Vale Taskmaster Australia

It’s been a long time since local comedy had a future on Australian free-to-air television. Watching comedy – well, the trends in comedy – is a great way to figure out where television is going in general: it’s a niche product on the sharp edge of production, so whatever’s happening there will eventually happen everywhere.... Read More »

Getting well like a maniac

Celeste Barber is perfectly cast as a hard-drinking, hard-drugging party girl forced to change her ways in... Read More »

When You Get So Down You Can’t Get Up

Australian commercial television’s been putting in the hard yards as far as local comedy goes over the last few weeks, with results that are… look, we’ve already used “comedy” once, those truth in advertising guys aren’t going to let us use it again. Onto The Weekly! Remember when The Weekly used to pretend it was... Read More »

This Week’s Homework Assignment

Not content with screening sketch comedy made during this century, Seven has decided to throw a bit more cash Daryl Somers’ way and bless us with The Best of The Russell Gilbert Show. Two hours worth over two big weeks! Yeah, bet you thought you were funny with your “The Best of? So it’ll run... Read More »

Sketches interrupted

We Interrupt This Broadcast continued this week with more parodies of reality TV shows but with a few new things brought to the table... Read More »

Please Don’t Interrupt

For at least this century and possibly longer, Australian sketch comedy has been shithouse. Oh, there’s been good sketches here and there, and even the occasional decent sketch show. But they’ve always been outweighed by the crap. So much crap. And now there’s We Interrupt This Broadcast to… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.... Read More »

A Golden Land of Opportunity

At the moment, Australia’s free-to-air television networks are currently showing four new locally made comedy (well, light entertainment really, but we’ll take what we can get) programs a week: Would I Lie To You? Australia, Taskmaster Australia, Hard Quiz and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. If you’ve been wondering why it’s been a bit quiet... Read More »

A Piss-Week(ly) Gesture

And welcome back to the incredible shrinking ABC satire. Where’s Briggs? More like where’s everyone else these days on The Weekly. Remember when the show wasn’t 40% archival footage? On second thoughts, don’t bother – the whole show’ll just be showing old clips from Hard Chat as soon as they come up with a hilarious... Read More »