“The industry’s only sanctioned hate-bloggers” – Adam Zwar

The Australian Tumbleweeds has gained a cult following since it began in 2006. Describing itself as Australia’s most opinionated awards ceremony, it has critiqued, mocked and occasionally praised the country’s top comedy talent. This blog keeps such views and snark coming all year round. We don’t really cover live comedy, so go elsewhere for that.


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  • wizer says:

    liked your piece on marieke hardy working her connections.

    interesting that you raised her borrowing material. I noticed a distinct smilarity of storyline in her “penis anuerism” conversation whilst in the stirrups being examined by gyno played by your fave shaun micalleff with one already done by Jonathan Ames show Bored To Death. Watch eps 1 and 2 of Season 2 for confirmation.

  • 13 schoolyards says:

    Thanks for the tip – we haven’t seen any of Laid yet, so we’ll check it out once we do.

  • Peter Entrove says:

    fuck, this is the most truthful blog on australian comedy I’ve ever seen. finally, someone with good taste writing about this shitty industry. keep up the awesome work whoever you are

  • Rutegar says:

    ooh … just discovered this blog …

    a comedic equivalent to the deliciously bitchy SHIT ON YOUR PLAY blog

    how absolutely marvy and naturally intrigued to know if the grand tumble wizard is
    a) a disgruntled (less than satisfactorally employed) comedy insider; or
    b) a viewer wholly sick and tired of feeling embarassed by the substandard shite peddled across Australian screens year after year; or
    c) both
    d) Barrie Cassidy who seems to have a holier-than-thou opinion on everything.

    either way, having stumbled upon it, I shall have to check in from time to time.
    I suspect the vein of pissweak source material won’t run dry any time soon
    and where there’s jokes there’s ire

    PS : contrary to many, I think that Shaun Micallef has used up all his TV lives trying to find the right vehicle for this comedy talents.
    I had such high hopes for him years ago, but alas, I feel he’s never really fulfilled his potential.
    I also suspect he feels the same way.

  • 21st Century Daryl says:

    The correct answer is b).

    And we liked the second series of Mad As Hell a lot, so Micallef and cohorts can keep going if they wish.

  • Terry Hughs says:

    So, your apparent mission in life is to attack every comedy and comedian on Australian television as being unfunny, untalented, hacky, unworthy of your time and superior tastes, etc? The only conspicuous talent to escape your ranting is the Melbourne comedian Tony Martin, who is certainly uniquely funny but I know takes your fanboy love for him as incredibly “Mark David Chapman-esque”. Is being a “snark” now a job? You clearly have talent but why are you wasting it on this bizarre little hate blog? Anger makes dull men witty but it keeps them poor, as Helen Razer wrote once. Write something worthwhile! You clearly have the ability but you are frittering time away on this nonsense.

  • Blogman says:

    Very hard for any comedy to be truly topical last year when satirising politics.
    They would have to be LIVE to keep up with the backflips made by all parties in 2013

  • My oh my, aren’t you lot a tough crowd ay? We support your (self given) mandate to keep comedians to account. We often find ourselves writing pieces of hack-comedians like Charlie Pickering or Akmal.

    It’s a classic case of fighting fire with fire. Neg/diss comedy is at the heart of the Australian comedic style – if its not worth giving shit too, it aint worth talking about.

    Well done you bunch of nit-pickers.

  • It believe that you guys will LOVE my parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” I figured I’d turn the tables on her an rap in a fake Australian accent about all things Australian (which I know noting about). It’s fucking hilarious. Would love you guys to premiere it in Australia. Just finished and set to private on YT – but you can view it.


  • Whatever says:

    Fair enough review of Black Comedy, but way too kind I think. People are too afraid to serious critique Indigenous stuff. YES I am Aboriginal and thought it was an offensive load of crap that continues to make us look stupid.

  • Andrew says:

    Have you guys seen The Katering Show web series. I only discovered it yesterday but take a look, it’s just 7 episodes. It actually makes you laugh… something that TV comedy sometimes struggles to do.


  • Andrew says:

    What do you guys make of When TV Was Awesome, currently on iview?

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