Comedy TV

Vale The Weekly, Hello Gruen

So messed up and lacking in cash is the ABC comedy department at the moment that we pretty much only get one comedy show on air at a time. Last week we had the final episode of The Weekly. This week, in the same timeslot, we have the first of a new series of Gruen.... Read More »

Have You Been Paying Attention… to the lack of new faces in comedy?

There’s basically two kinds of comedy showcases on television. There’s the ones where new talent gets a chance to strut their stuff, and the ones where established talent bring in the viewers. Guess which kind is the only kind we currently get on Australian television? It wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t even all that... Read More »

Creative Types with Tom Gleeson

In Creative Types, Tom Gleeson is shown as a hard working, successful comedian. But is his success really... Read More »

Taskmaster is back

Both the Taskmaster concept and that we're getting two series of it in one year, say a lot about where TV comedy is... Read More »

We’ll Sell You the Whole Seat But You’ll Only Use the Funny Bit

The Cheap Seats is back for 2024, and if you were ever looking for a textbook example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, it’s your lucky day. And has been since 2021, if we’re being honest. As this is currently one of our favourite Australian comedy shows, we’d love to have a lot... Read More »

There’s no Colin from Accounts-ing for taste

Colin from Accounts is back in May. But can a second series be as successful as the first? Or will audiences realise it's actually not... Read More »

White Lines

Where do you draw the line with White Fever? As previously discussed, it’s perfectly fine for what it is: it’s just that what it is isn’t a comedy. Which is a problem, because if a half hour scripted series airing on the ABC at 9pm on a Wednesday isn’t a comedy, what is? As you’ve... Read More »

Six Days in a Weekly

So The Weekly isn’t funny. No news there. You know what else contains no news? The Weekly itself. Wait, hang on a second. The selling point of the current version of The Weekly is that “we watch the news so you don’t have to”. As the ABC Youtube channel put it: “Charlie Pickering takes all... Read More »

White Fever all through the night

White Fever is a light, surreal, theatrical drama about a Korean-Australian adoptee finding her identity and learning to date Asian... Read More »

An Environmental Decline

So yeah, things have been pretty dry around here of late. There’s only so many weeks you can watch The Weekly expecting to see something new (or funny). Other options? They’re somewhat slim. What’s going on? Don’t people like to laugh any more? We’re a comedy blog, so don’t expect any great insights here. But... Read More »