Australian Tumbleweed Awards 2011 – Most Deservedly Axed or Shunted-Round-The-Schedules Program

Australian Tumbleweeds 2011 - Most Deservedly Axed or Shunted-Round-The-Schedules Program: Nominations: Good News World (10), Hungry Beast (ABC), Live From Planet Earth (9).Sometimes a show’s just gotta go. Live From Planet Earth and Good News World were instant failures and their respective axings weren’t much of a surprise, even if the latter’s took a long time coming. Hungry Beast on the other hand managed to last three series, which is pretty good for a show of its type and quality. Those involved were really lucky to have been chosen for it, making their howls of protest when the show was axed seem more than a little disingenuous.

The result of this category, however, is far from disingenuous. More a sledgehammer-obvious statement of 100% dissatisfaction.

Australian Tumbleweeds 2011 - Winner - Most Deservedly Axed or Shunted-Round-The-Schedules Program: Live From Planet Earth (9) - 50.70%. Runners-Up: Good News World (10) - 37.30%, Hungry Beast (ABC) - 11.90%. Voter Quotes: "While I couldn't stand to watch a comedy legend like Ben Elton be crucified by critics and social media alike, I did think that his stubborn refusal to ditch the unpopular 'Girl Flat' was slightly despotic. A live show should be tweaked and adapted to fit the mood of the public, but instead all Twitter users were labelled morons, and the material-that-just-didn't-work kept getting a run. In this case, the axe was right to fall. But, I say so bitterly. I'm still shocked and saddened by this hero's fall." "Watched all 3 episodes out of sheer bloody-mindedness and the eternal hope it would get better." "A mercy killing, consisting of ten thousand online stabbings." Last Year's Winner: Hey Hey It's Saturday (9).Live From Planet Earth isn’t exactly a surprise winner in this category – its name will be a byword for comedic failure for decades to come – but it’s debatable that it was more deserving of the chop than Good News World. Good News World was an equally poor program which also got slaughtered on social media, it just happened to stay on air because it was on a lower-profile network who currently have a policy of sticking rigidly by any new show…until it’s obvious even to them that they totally messed-up.


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