Thinking About Bargains? (or, how the mighty have fallen)

Don’t you hate the way those Book Warehouse places always have two supposedly separate but in reality impossible to divide sections – one where all the books are $5 or less, and one (with all the interesting books) where the prices vary and aren’t really that cheap? Anyway, while lured inside one of their stores by the promise of “new stock!!!” earlier this week, I spotted a couple of items worth checking out.

1): Rebel Wilson’s Bogan Pride book going for $1. That’s cheaper than, well, a lot of very humiliating items. But seeing it at that price is a lot funnier than the show itself, especially as Ms Wilson keeps on going on to whoever will listen in the media about how she’s doing sooo well over in Hollywood. And maybe she is. But in Australia, her book is selling for less than a pack of cough lollies.

2): Chris Lilley’s We Can Be Heroes book. No price marked, but it was firmly in the el cheapo section. This one is actually worth getting ahold of. It’s not a great book, but (I think) Lilley himself put a lot of effort into it and it does seem to have been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail. Which you’d expect from his shows (it’s also not very funny, which you’d also expect from his shows).

They all seemed to be first printings too (making them a few years old), so while Wilson’s book was pulled from shelves in fairly short order, Lilley’s book was kicking around for a few years before the stores gave up on getting any more full price customers and sent them back. The piles of both books were roughly the same size though.  Make of that what you will.

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  • 13 schoolyards says:

    Update: I went back a day later and noticed that a): there was actually a lot more copies of Bogan Pride stacked up than We Can Be Heroes, b): there was also a lot of copies of Dave O’Neill’s Everything Tastes Better Crumbed, and c): a couple of copies of Charles Firth’s interesting if muddled American Hoax were buried in what passes for the politics section. Not a good day for Australian comedy.