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Vale We Interrupt This Broadcast

Well, we’re assuming We Interrupt This Broadcast is done – it’s not in the schedules for next week. And yeah, ten episodes seems as good a point as any to pull the pin. A bit of confusion over its departure seems fitting, considering it began with a blaze (well, flicker) of glory before fizzling out... Read More »

Sketches interrupted

We Interrupt This Broadcast continued this week with more parodies of reality TV shows but with a few new things brought to the table... Read More »

Please Don’t Interrupt

For at least this century and possibly longer, Australian sketch comedy has been shithouse. Oh, there’s been good sketches here and there, and even the occasional decent sketch show. But they’ve always been outweighed by the crap. So much crap. And now there’s We Interrupt This Broadcast to… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.... Read More »

Coming soon!

Two new comedies have been announced this week: dramedy Colin From Accounts and sketch show We Interrupt This... Read More »