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The winners and losers of the Australian Tumbleweed Awards 2019

We started off last year’s Tumbleweed Awards like this: Maybe things will get better next year And people say we’re not funny. Honestly, if you really want to depress the hell out of yourself – and of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this – go back and take a look at the... Read More »

Vale Saturday Night Rove

Well, that was quick: Saturday Night Rove has been axed on 10 after just 2 episodes. It follows the show falling to just 138,000 viewers on Saturday after debuting to 244,000 the previous week. The lower numbers this week come despite no AFL or Cricket in the same slot. Yet another addition to the proud... Read More »

Saturday Night Rove Fever

Is the best thing about Saturday Night Rove Judith Lucy’s sarcastic voiceovers over the crap bits of the show? Yes, of course, it is. Because nothing saves live comedy that’s dying on its arse like an experienced and much-loved legend of comedy letting rip with a bit of deprecating humour. Thank god she’s there, otherwise,... Read More »

Saturday Night Rove’s alright for laughing

Last week Rove McManus did a bunch of media for his new show Saturday Night Rove, arguing that there’s potential for something on TV on Saturday nights that isn’t sport. Maybe, but if Saturday Night Rove is going to be that show, it’s going to have to become a whole lot funnier really, really soon... Read More »