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Australian Tumbleweeds Awards 2023

The results of the Australian Tumbleweeds Awards 2023, in which we honour the best and worst of Australian... Read More »

Time to Fix the Home of Home-Grown Laughs

Press release time! And this one’s a classic: Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in. “ABC is the undisputed home of exciting, new, original Australian comedy”. New? Original? Exciting? Maybe not words we’d use to describe Utopia, a show now into its fifth season. Maybe they mean the reboot of Mother and... Read More »

Vale Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers failed as a comedy. Neither the historical setting nor the obnoxious lead characters generated a lot... Read More »

Tonight Ain’t Your Night, Bro

A few people today have noticed something we picked up on yesterday: Channel Ten’s pulled the plug on tonight’s comedy line-up. No Thank God You’re Here, no The Inspired Unemployed. And why? The sudden realisation that Australian comedy is in a death spiral and they were only prolonging the agony? Worse: they don’t want it... Read More »

Pan(ning) For Gold Diggers

Okay, so our expectations weren’t all that high for Gold Diggers. Australia’s proud history of proud historical sitcoms doesn’t quite begin and end with Bligh, but good luck topping the “big tits, small dicks” scene from The Olden Days. And both those examples are old enough to be historical comedies in their own right. Why... Read More »

A Triflin’ Friend Indeed

Press release time! First point: that’s a pretty fast turnaround, even if “later in the year” means late October. How many years have we been waiting for Stories From Oz now? Second point: It’s not going to be as good as The Olden Days, is it? Then again, what is? Third point: Just because Australia’s... Read More »