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Press release time!

Fire up!  The future is female.

Cameras roll on comedy series Gold Diggers

ABC, CBS Studios and The Alliance (KOJO Studios x Stampede Ventures) are thrilled to announce filming is underway in Victoria on ABC TV’s riotous and rapid-fire, eight-part comedy Gold Diggers.

Set in the 1850s, as thousands of men from around the world flock to the goldfields to hit the jackpot, Gold Diggers follows the adventures of sisters Gert and Marigold and their ambition to strike it rich by landing themselves newly-rich idiots.

Claire Lovering (Class of ‘07, Wellmania) is Gert Brewer, a headstrong party animal, Danielle Walker (Taskmaster, Get Krack!n’) is Marigold, her blissfully naïve sister, and together they are willing to do anything to secure their fortune; but first they must suffer the lads, lice, and lechery of the Australian goldfields.

Megan Wilding (Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Mystery Road: Origin) is Fran, their dubious French ex-BFF; Luke Mullins (Joe Vs Carol, The Spanish Princess) is Percy the rich and fancy mining magnate; Wil King (In Our Blood, Why Are you Like This) is Percy’s protective Butler, Jerome; Eddie Perfect (Love In Lockdown, Offspring) plays the all-knowing barkeep, Barry; and Brandon McClelland (Doctor Doctor, The Other Guy) is Leonard, the town’s cop and possible incel.

In her breakout role, Perry Mooney stars as Vic, the head of the local Fur Traders, leading her posse, Kartanya Maynard (The Messenger, Deadloch) as Molly and Aaron McGrath (Preppers, Black Comedy) as Albert.  JJ Fong (Wellmania, Creamerie) is Zhi Ling, the boss of Chinatown, and George Zhao (The Family Law, The Secrets She Keeps) plays her younger brother Ben, while Semisi Cheekam (Hardball) is the creative 16-year-old entrepreneur Kelvin.  Michala Banas is Tippy, the prim, moral compass of the town and Lincoln Younes (Barons, Last King of the Cross) will make a special appearance as JJ, the leader of the feared McCreedy Bushrangers.

Executive Producers Linda Ujuk and JP Sarni said: “We’re thrilled filming has begun in the vibrant Victorian goldfields. We’re proud to be producing such a timely, feel-good and immersive Australian comedy with our brilliantly talented team of key creatives, cast, directors and crew. We are excited to see Claire and Danielle bring the unashamedly irreverent Brewer Sisters to life alongside our outrageously funny ensemble of Dead Horse Gap Townies. This sensational cast will transport audiences to another world and have them laughing-out-loud.”

Filming in the Victorian goldfields and in Melbourne for the next eight weeks, Gold Diggers will premiere on ABC TV and ABC iview later in the year.

First point: that’s a pretty fast turnaround, even if “later in the year” means late October. How many years have we been waiting for Stories From Oz now?

Second point: It’s not going to be as good as The Olden Days, is it? Then again, what is?

Third point: Just because Australia’s yet to serve up a period sitcom that works doesn’t mean this won’t. It just means it’s going to have to be different from all the previous duds. We’ll leave this one on “wait and see”.

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