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Women FTW?

Our recent guest post by an anonymous female former comedy writer got us thinking…how well are women doing in comedy in... Read More »

Vale Dirty Laundry Live

What is it with TV programmers? One minute all the want is Daily Show knock-offs, next minute they’re all making comedy panel shows about pop culture. Or to be slightly more accurate, putting breakfast radio on... Read More »

Hung Out To Dry

Considering our recent griping about Tractor Monkeys, it seems only right to start our review of Dirty Laundry Live with this: the ABC have taken exactly the right approach with this show. It’s on at 9.30pm on a Thursday night on ABC2, which is pretty much the textbook definition of “out of the way”, it’s... Read More »

Vale Santo, Sam & Ed

There’s a way of taking a light-hearted look at the less serious stories in the media whilst keeping your tongue firmly in your cheek. And that way isn’t always to follow the media’s line and go after the subjects of silly celebrity... Read More »