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The Moodys’ blues

The Moodys is sort of in the tradition of good family sitcoms like Upper Middle Bogan and Arrested Development, and sort of... Read More »

Highway to Hell

The community TV sitcom Leongatha finished up on Melbourne’s Channel 31 a few months back and is now airing on Sydney’s TVS. Set largely on a mini bus, it’s a six-part show about a family’s stilted journey to a... Read More »

Awards and renewals

The nominees for this year’s Logies have been announced and it’s not all bad for comedy. Okay, it’s not a complete disaster for... Read More »

Australian Tumbleweeds 2012 – The Results

The results of the Australian Tumbleweed Awards... Read More »

Unfunny ho hum

Making the audience laugh loudly and frequently should be the principle objective of any comedic work, right? Yet in the decade or so since The (UK) Office we have seen a fundamental change in the nature of sitcoms and how many people judge... Read More »

Singing From The Same Old Hymn Sheet

Why, isn’t that UK comedy stalwart Mark Heap in the opening scene of new ABC comedy A Moody Christmas? Why yes it is. Will we ever see him again? Probably not. Still, having him in the background of one scene is better than nothing at all, and he does provide a signpost to the path... Read More »