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Vale Open Slather

The final episode of Open Slather aired quietly a few weeks ago, and despite the many twists and turns in its production history it ended how it started out:... Read More »

Bloodbath Aftermath: Why Open Slather still sucks

Is it just us still watching Open Slather? Assuming so, we can report the following: despite the fact that they’ve sacked a large proportion of their original writing team, and that there are now a lot less Downton Abbey sketches…it’s still crap.... Read More »

A Phoenix Rises from the Slather

It’s unusual to hear a TV executive say anything like what we’ve been saying about Australian comedy for years, so we wanted to note this interview for TV Tonight with Foxtel’s Brian Walsh: Last year Foxtel rolled a big gamble on its sketch comedy series Open Slather produced by Laura Waters and Rick McKenna. Despite... Read More »

Keep Slathering It On

Remember Open Slather? The show that was going to revitalise Australian sketch comedy by harking back to the golden age of the late 80s and… well, that was pretty much it. But the late 80s! When comedy was funny! Not all the quasi-racist material mind you, and a lot of the stuff about women looks... Read More »

Bloodbath at the House of Death 2: Another P.O.V.

Amongst the former Open Slather writers not to contact us about the recent writer's cull was Doug MacLeod, who's previously written for Full Frontal, Fast Forward and various other well known... Read More »

Why Change a Winning Formula

Amongst all the solid but average comedies currently enjoying long runs is Open Slather. Its cast, production team and the formula of the show are very familiar from the 80's and... Read More »

Blasts From The Past

As much as we respect the work history of many of the experienced members of the cast, and are interested to see what the newbies have to offer, 20 weeks of Open Slather seems somewhat... Read More »

Please Don’t Interrupt

For at least this century and possibly longer, Australian sketch comedy has been shithouse. Oh, there’s been good sketches here and there, and even the occasional decent sketch show. But they’ve always been outweighed by the crap. So much crap. And now there’s We Interrupt This Broadcast to… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.... Read More »

Wars and Rumours of Wars

What to think about this? EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight hears whispers that Seven has a new sketch comedy in the pipeline for 2023. Helium, recently founded by Mark Fennessy, is understood to be producing the new series, which has been running a Writers’ Room in recent weeks. It has recently produced 6 Festivals and Last King... Read More »

Follow the Money

Press release time! Screen Australia has announced almost $750,000 of Story Development funding for nine feature films, 11 television series and two online projects. And then there’s a lot of stuff of only marginal interest to anyone reading this, so let’s cut to the good bits – who got the big bucks: Butch: A six-part... Read More »