The Oldies Are Not Goodies

Press release time!

Brand new Mother and Son
coming to the ABC in August

The ABC is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated, charming new eight part comedy, Mother and Son, will premiere on Wednesday 23 August at 8:30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

For a sneak peek, please click here.

Combining the comedic talents of two of Australia’s most beloved comedians, Matt Okine and Denise Scott, this fresh re-imagining of an iconic family favourite is guaranteed to win the hearts of those who know and love the original and delight fans of contemporary Australian comedy.

Following a breakup from his long-suffering girlfriend, Dee (Andrea Demetriades), Arthur (Matt Okine) puts his future on hold to move back home with his widowed mother, Maggie (Denise Scott). Arthur and his older sister, Robbie (Angela Nica Sullen) – arguably ‘the favourite’ – attempt to care for Maggie, who may recently have almost burnt down the kitchen, but still runs circles around her children!

Joining the cast is Catherine Văn-Davies (The Twelve, Barons), with special appearances from Jean Kittson (The Big Gig, Fat Pizza), Virginia Gay (Safe Home, Winners and Losers), Tiriel Mora (Frontline, The Castle), Jenna Owen (Queen of Oz, Joe vs. Carole), Veronica Milsom (Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell, After the Verdict), Andrew McFarlane (Secret City, Glitch), Krew Boylan (Seriously Red), Justin Amankwah (Aftertaste, Shantaram)  and TikTok sensation Zara Tate.

In collaboration with the original creator Geoffrey Atherden, re-creator and writer Matt Okine, Sarah Walker, Tristram Baumber and directors Neil Sharma (Heartbreak High) and Kriv Stenders (Bump, Red Dog) alongside the producing team at Wooden Horse, have created the perfect blend of wit, humour, and relatability, promising viewers an unforgettable and laughter-filled experience.

Mother and Son broadcasts weekly on ABC TV and streams on ABC iview.

TikTok stars! A main character who possibly has dementia! Re-created by Matt Okine! It’s not the future we were promised, but it’s the one we deserve.

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  • Andrew says:

    I love Denise Scott and I am ok with Matt Okine. But this preview is not overly promising. Will wait to see the finished product though.