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Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

There’s a lot of reasons why remakes and revivals and adaptations take place [you mean beyond money? – ed.]. The celebrity driven ones – where someone famous says “I want to do this” and they’re famous enough to make it happen – aren’t always the worst, but they’re rarely the best. The problem is that... Read More »

Mother and Son 2: Charnel House

There’s a certain kind of cheap thrill you get when something you had low expectations for somehow manages to be even worse. Good news: being a hater sometimes pays off. And while nobody was expecting the Mother and Son reboot to be anything more than exactly what the words “Mother and Son reboot” promise, the... Read More »

The Oldies Are Not Goodies

Press release time! TikTok stars! A main character who possibly has dementia! Re-created by Matt Okine! It’s not the future we were promised, but it’s the one we... Read More »

Everything Old is… Back

Press release time! Yeah, maybe we were a bit too harsh having a go at Seven for being the home of comedy nostalgia. Hopefully this won’t be a case of “we forgot to laugh” – though the idea of this being a “bold reimagining” is a pretty good zinger to start... Read More »

Let’s Put the Future Behind Us

We’re not ones to waste time wondering what might have been here at Casa Del Tumblie. Clearly a world where the Shaun Micallef¬† / Tony Martin project MousePATROL never aired but Wednesday Night Fever got a whole series is the best of all possible worlds. And yet, increasingly even we find ourselves asking: what the... Read More »