No accounting for taste

It’s press release time!

Screen Australia, BINGE and Screen NSW have announced production has begun in Sydney on a new Australian-made original series Colin from Accounts, commissioned for BINGE.

The eight-episode romantic comedy is created and written by, and stars, Patrick Brammall (No Activity, A Moody Christmas) and Harriet Dyer (Wakefield, The Invisible Man).

Centred on Ashley (Dyer) and Gordon (Brammall), two single(ish), complex humans who are brought together by a car accident and an injured dog, Colin from Accounts is about flawed, funny people choosing each other and being brave enough to show their true self, scars and all, as they navigate life together. 

The series is produced by Easy Tiger Productions and CBS Studios, with Rob Gibson and Ian Collie producing for Easy Tiger (Jack Irish, Rake, Doctor Doctor, Saving Mr Banks). Directors are Trent O’Donnell (No Activity, The Letdown), Matt Moore (The Great, Diary of an Uber Driver) and Madeleine Dyer. Executive Producers are Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer, O’Donnell, Alison Hurbert-Burns and Brian Walsh.

Screen Australia’s CEO Graeme Mason said, “We’re thrilled to support creators Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall whose careers have been exploding overseas, as they join forces on this relatable and charming home-grown comedy. Teaming up with the talented producers at Easy Tiger, Colin from Accounts will undoubtedly delight and resonate with viewers on BINGE.”

BINGE Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns said, “We are thrilled to announce that we’re going into production on this Australian original series, following the successful debut of our first original romantic drama, Love Me. Colin from Accounts, is a comedy packed script and a unique romantic story that is grounded by very relatable characters that we hope Australians will love”.

Easy Tiger’s Rob Gibson and Ian Collie said,Dyer, Brammall, rom-com, cute dog: what’s not to love? It’s a delight to be working on this hilarious and big-hearted show with Harriet, Patrick, Trent, Matt and Maddy, which is a ridiculous amount of talent all in the one place. We’re very grateful to our partners at BINGE and CBS Studios, who immediately saw the appeal of Colin from Accounts for their audiences in Australia and around the world, and also of course to Screen Australia and Screen NSW for their wonderful support.”

Head of Screen NSW Grainne Brunsdon said, “Screen NSW is joining forces with the FOXTEL Group and Screen Australia to secure another original series for NSW’s highly skilled screen industry. Colin from Accounts is a BINGE original series that aligns the production know-how of Easy Tiger with the creative team of Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer and Trent O’Donnell for an exciting rom com series set in Sydney.

“I know this 100% NSW-made production will deliver laughs for audiences at home and abroad,” Brunsdon said.

The series is distributed outside Australia and New Zealand by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group.

The series commissioned for the Foxtel Group will be produced by Easy Tiger Productions and CBS Studios. It has major production funding from Screen Australia with support from Screen NSW.

So… “relatable and charming home-grown comedy”, “rom-com, cute dog”, “big-hearted”, “will deliver laughs for audiences at home and abroad” …yeah, we get the vibe. We’re predicting mildly eccentric characters, low-stakes peril, and minimal belly-laughs.

This isn’t the kind of show that’s designed to be funny. It’s the kind of show that’s designed to be sold to international streaming services looking for inoffensive dramedies in mildly exotic locales.

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