Taxicab Confessions 2: Fists of Fury

As Jerry Seinfeld never said, “what is the deal with SBS comedians and allegations of violent assault?”:

THE ‘‘mishap’’ Fat Pizza actor Paul Fenech suffered two weeks ago, ending his stint on Dancing With The Stars before it even began, was allegedly the result of a violent altercation with a taxi driver.

Confidential can reveal police were called to Sydney’s CBD on August 22 following reports claiming a cab driver had been allegedly assaulted by the controversial comedian.

Fenech, 44, was arrested on the corner of York and Jamison streets following the altercation, taken to Day Street police station and later released.

A NSW police spokesman told Confidential the man was “issued with a future service court attendance notice for the offence of common assault. The man will appear at Downing Centre Local Court on 15 October 2014.”

The Housos creator took to social media last week to claim his abrupt departure from the dancing show was due to a ­dislocated knee.

First SBS’s Jason “Wilfred” Gann, now Paul Fenech; when will this nightmare spree of uncomic carnage end? Can’t the Herald-Sun/government step in and ban this government-funded filth? Or something? And what is it about appearing on SBS that drives these comedians to violence? Too many sexy European late night movies? Not enough sexy European late night movies?

Fingers’ crossed the alleged altercation wasn’t sparked by the taxi driver not finding Fenech funny – just by being the creator of Swift & Shift Couriers he’ll be punching people out for the rest of his life. Then again, there’s a good chance the taxi driver was really a comedian from ABC2’s Back Seat Drivers: if it turns out Fenech biffed Tumbleweeds fan fave Dan Ilic, good luck finding a jury that would convict.

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