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Taking their rightful place

What with there being an election campaign on, politicians are everywhere trying to get us to vote for them. And what with there being a glut of topical comedies on at the moment, any politicians after the “youth vote” are beating down the doors trying to get on those... Read More »

History Does A Double Take

Heads up, Wednesday Night Fever fans! Does this look at all familiar to you? http://youtu.be/bCAQo8GubGo That’s right, it’s Wednesday Night Fever‘s trademark hilarious Margaret & David parody! Only it’s on Comedy Inc: The Late Shift around eight years ago. For those of you that don’t remember, Comedy Inc: The Late Shift was complete crap. But... Read More »

Who’s Got the Fever for the Flavour?

The final line of the second episode of Wednesday Night Fever was “shit happens”. Sometimes it even happens on the ABC. We weren’t part of the group calling for Wednesday Night Fever to be axed after its, um, sub-par debut last week, simply because we didn’t think the mistakes that many saw in the show... Read More »

Come and Have a Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough

Well, this is pretty much the funniest thing we’ve seen all week: TEN has announced a new live panel chat show, This Week Live featuring Dave Thornton, Tommy Little, Tom Gleeson and Meshel Laurie. Including special guests, live crosses and sketches, the show will look at the week’s news in front of a live audience... Read More »

Night Fever, Night Fee-vaa

Back when people cared about such things, there were two schools of thought on how and why the Australian comedy boom of the late 1980s took place. The first school said that, thanks to an expanding culture of live performance both in university revues and dedicated venues, pretty much everyone with an interest in comedy... Read More »

Look, It’s A Comedy Series Claiming To Be Topical Yet Its Title References A Movie Made in 1977

Sometimes – not often, but sometimes – we feel a twinge of sympathy for those ‘real’ journalists who have to cover the world (okay, small planetoid) of Australian television comedy. Because when the best you can do for an opener to your story is this, you know you’ve been given a tough row to hoe:... Read More »

The New News

Submitted without comment.          Wednesday Night Fever cast set for late night comedy antics   Premieres Wednesday July 3 at 9:30pm on ABC1 7×30’   ABC TV today announced that Wednesday Night Fever – its new, late night, weekly comedy series from the makers of controversial hit At Home with Julia – will premiere on... Read More »

Vale Mad As Hell

It’s rare for an Australian comedy show to be “must watch” but that’s what Mad As Hell has been for the past 12 weeks, and part of what has made it compelling is that it’s a topical comedy show with real... Read More »

Details are sketchy

Hmmm…this sure sounds worrying for the ABC… An output deal between the BBC and ABC will end after nearly 50 years following the announcement of a new BBC Drama and Comedy channel on... Read More »