Tag: Spicks and Specks

Picking Up the Pieces

Well well well: It was announced last year, then languished in the ABC’s “too hard” basket for most of this year but now it appears Spicks and Specks is finally back. The hit music quiz show is set to return early next year hosted by comic Josh Earl with Melbourne radio host Adam Richard and... Read More »

Vale Tractor Monkeys

Sorry we’re a bit late with this one, but we’ll be honest: it took us a few days to realise Tractor Monkeys was over. From its nonsensical title to its tried and rejected host to its no-star cast of unexciting personalities to its blatant use of old footage to pad out banter that would have... Read More »

Two Times The Love!

While we’d like to thank everyone who sent in cards and letters over the last few hours congratulating us on taking over the role of Head of Comedy at the ABC, bad news: we didn’t get the gig. It’s an easy mistake to make though, considering this was one of the main planks of today’s... Read More »

In A Word: Rubbish

Is there anything more insufferably cringeworthy than announcing to the world your 'love of words'? Some go one step further, however, and devise entire quiz shows based on their self-congratulatory linguistophilia, of which Randling (which began tonight on ABC1) is the latest in a long and woeful... Read More »

And in overseas news

Remember that story last year about how Britain's Channel 4 were working on a supposed rip-off of The Gruen Transfer called The Mad Bad Ads Show? If you don't, we blogged about it here. Either way, it went to air on Friday night and we've managed to see... Read More »