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Get Your Back Side Trackside (again)

Hey look, The Back Side of Television is back, and it’s so good we actually watched every episode before coming here to tell you about it. Yeah yeah, we’ll get around to watching those other episodes of Gold Diggers later – it’s just nice to be watching an Australian comedy where you come away thinking... Read More »

Get Your Back Side Trackside

Exciting news! Mind you, it’d be even more exciting if it wasn’t on Binge. Still, after the year (in comedy) we’ve just had, we’ll take what we can get.... Read More »

Australian Tumbleweeds Awards 2021

2021 was a year when Australians desperately needed a good laugh. Fortunately, we had Australian comedy to laugh at.... Read More »

What What in the Butt (of television)

Last year’s 2020:The Last Year of Television was one of the hidden gems of 2020, a snarky Charlie Brooker-influenced takedown of Australian television – not exactly the toughest subject to kneecap, but considering the media-inspired glow that still somehow persists around an “industry” built almost entirely on selling vacuum cleaners, a necessary job none the... Read More »