Tag: Hamish and Andy’s ‘Perfect’ Holiday

Hamish & Andy Get Older, the Show Stays the Same

If you programed a computer to create the perfect Hamish & Andy series, the program would look a lot like this: 10 PRINT “PRANKS” 20 PRINT “OVERSEAS TRIP” 30 GOTO 10 Wonder what their new show’s about? Sure, over the years they’ve mixed it up a little – but just a little; the various Gap... Read More »

The More Things Change…

… the more we get new episodes of SeaChange. Wait, what? The return of ABC drama SeaChange, Lego Masters, Bad Mothers, and a new Hamish and Andy series were among the content highlights at Nine’s 2019 upfronts on Wednesday evening. Nine announced actors Sigrid Thornton and John Howard will be returning as Laura Gibson and... Read More »