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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtian

We don’t normally get much mail here at Tumbleweeds Central, but our recent post on Lawrence Leung’s new show Unbelievable drove someone to write in with a John Safran / Leung connection we’d missed*. It seems that, for once, our comparison of Unbelievable with Safran’s earlier shows had some basis in real-world events: There is... Read More »

Hating Angry Boys: A Beginner’s Guide

With Angry Boys debuting in the UK this week, the usual gushing waves of praise re: the genius of Chris Lilley have broken on a new shore. In Australia too, the fans have been fighting back against the dwindling ratings and general feel that this time out Lilley's gone off the... Read More »

Vale Hungry Beast?

The final episode – possibly ever – of Hungry Beast goes to air later tonight and, while we've sort of pointed this out before, we think it's worth remembering that when it started out Hungry Beast was supposed to be at least as much about comedy as it was about current affairs. Which makes our number one question at this slightly pre-emptive wake for the programme: What... Read More »

Travelling North

It was announced the other day that Rove McManus has become the latest Australian to score a gig on American TV, and that's all well and good but why him? There are lots of other far better Australian comedians having a crack in the US, why aren't they getting... Read More »

Divide and Stoop to Conquer

Okay, so over at The Age this just happened: throughout Angry Boys the language is appalling, family interaction is wholly dysfunctional and there are repeated references to all manner of sexual deviations – dog-wanking and grandma-groping chief among them. If this is comedic genius, Rodney Rude and Kevin ”Bloody” Wilson deserve lifetime achievement awards. The... Read More »

Cheap, nasty and downright boring

The original Balls of Steel (made in the UK) started off with someone placing hundreds of turds on the pavement of a heavily-congested London bridge just before rush hour and filming the hee-larious results, the Australian version was going to be, at best, equally... Read More »

Woah Woah Woah, The Tide Is Turning

From Rowan Dean, on the ABC website The Drum: …the new Chis Lilley show (zzz zzz zzz go the teeth of my saw slicing into the flesh of the branch) called Angry Boys (zzz zzzzz zzzz – I can feel the bough starting to give way under my weight already) which screened for the second... Read More »

At least you can say you’ve seen it

So, episode 1 of the much-hyped Angry Boys has finally made it to air. For a show so keen to get laughs through realism it's sure done a great job of proving that the exact opposite technique might have been the way to go. The more absurd moments in the show are the closest it gets to funny, and with so few of them on offer Angry Boys is just scene after boring, unfunny... Read More »

The Emperor is Seriously Underdressed Over Here

The reviews are in, and the verdict is clear: Chris Lilley ain’t funny. But don’t take our word for it: “…as we delve further and further into the life of Gran and her distant grandchildren, the hick yobs Daniel and Nathan Sims from We Can Be Heroes who also take up much of tonight’s episode,... Read More »

It Has Begun

When it comes to being first with the news, it’s hard to top News Limited. Especially when they’re reporting on controversies that haven’t even happened yet: CHRIS Lilley is set to spark controversy in his new comedy show Angry Boys, with characters defecating on cars and racist slurs rife. But the star makes no apologies... Read More »