Online Comedy

The Future Of Comedy Will Cost You Plenty

Now that their target has been reached, we can now safely direct your attention to the crowdfunding campaign to support A Rational Fear in their efforts to “commission a 10-week season of digital comedy to fill the void of political satire in this country.” Does anyone really think there’s a “void of political satire in... Read More »

Plonk yourself on the couch and check out some branded comedy

Plonk began life as branded content funded by tourism body Destination NSW, and since its launch it’s been doing well on... Read More »

Comedy: It Only Works If You’re Funny

So it seems Helen Razer has quit the high-stress world of online op-ed writing: I have written capably to a large audience for some time for next-to-nothing. I made a contribution that was not without merit. And one to which you are no longer entitled. Because you give me shit and pay me shit. Wait,... Read More »

Vale Santo, Sam & Ed

There’s a way of taking a light-hearted look at the less serious stories in the media whilst keeping your tongue firmly in your cheek. And that way isn’t always to follow the media’s line and go after the subjects of silly celebrity... Read More »

Oh Donna

A couple of months ago we received a media release from the Melbourne-based sketch comedy group Aunty Donna, telling us about their web series Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room. We liked it, but whether the following review is interesting…well, you... Read More »

The Future of the Internet is a Shambles

We almost never forward-promote stuff – our job being to snarkily dismiss, not talk up – but we’re making an exception today because of the magic word(s) when it comes to online content: audience interaction! Or is it “join the conversation” now? Whatever: it seems the three guys who make up The Shambles are reuniting... Read More »

Podcast into the wilderness

The fact that Santo, Sam and Ed are now podcasting, as opposed to being on Channel 7 or SBS or radio, isn’t because they’ve been banished for being crap, it’s because broadcasters and audiences are... Read More »

Mean Green Guide fighting machine

Some great comedy routines have been inspired by weird news stories or nutbag letters to the editor, and if the podcast I Love Green Guide Letters is any indication the latter is in abundant... Read More »

Get your Fix

Plenty of talented people have been burnt by commercial radio. Get This with Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee and Richard Marsland, and The Sweetest Plum with Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell were axed by Triple M for what you might call “business... Read More »

This Post For Sale

Australia is without a doubt a thriving hub of on-line comedy. Problem is, unless it’s being made by someone with an already significant media profile, it can be a little hard to find. Which makes our covering The Sponsored Lady slightly ironic: not only is it a comedy site we only discovered due to the... Read More »