Comedy TV

Thursday Night’s All Right For Fightin’

Cutting and pasting press releases? It’s like we’re actual television journalists! Don’t miss two new devilishly funny comedy series UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN and IT’S A DATE starting on Thursday, August 15 on ABC1, starring a raft of Australia’s most talented stars. UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN, 8.30PM From the makers of The Librarians and Very Small Business... Read More »

Face Up Comes Kennedy

If you were born after the last episode of The Graham Kennedy Show went to air (1975) it’s sometimes hard to understand Graham Kennedy’s legendary status in Australian television. Even now little of the tonight show work on which his legend is built is easily... Read More »

Who’s Got the Fever for the Flavour?

The final line of the second episode of Wednesday Night Fever was “shit happens”. Sometimes it even happens on the ABC. We weren’t part of the group calling for Wednesday Night Fever to be axed after its, um, sub-par debut last week, simply because we didn’t think the mistakes that many saw in the show... Read More »

Hamish & Andy Are Dead

Well, not literally dead as far as we know, though we wouldn’t exactly be surprised to hear that one of their hilarious overseas stunts had ended with some shady character pulling a gun and both of the wacky funsters taking a dirt nap. Imagine the outpouring of grief that would follow – state funeral for... Read More »

Come and Have a Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough

Well, this is pretty much the funniest thing we’ve seen all week: TEN has announced a new live panel chat show, This Week Live featuring Dave Thornton, Tommy Little, Tom Gleeson and Meshel Laurie. Including special guests, live crosses and sketches, the show will look at the week’s news in front of a live audience... Read More »

Night Fever, Night Fee-vaa

Back when people cared about such things, there were two schools of thought on how and why the Australian comedy boom of the late 1980s took place. The first school said that, thanks to an expanding culture of live performance both in university revues and dedicated venues, pretty much everyone with an interest in comedy... Read More »

At Last, The Twentysomething Review

When was the last time the ABC commissioned a sitcom directed at old people? Oh God, was it Mother & Son in the 1980s? Yet here we stand, only midway into 2013, and already we’ve had a pair of sitcoms fired directly at the strongly beating hearts of da yoof: First was Please Like Me,... Read More »

Let’s go, rambling

Back in March Mumbrella and other media reported that Andrew Denton was quietly stepping away from Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder (CJZ), the company which formed when Cordell Jigsaw merged with Denton’s Zapruder’s Other... Read More »

Nom Nom Nom

So we finally got around to checking out SBS’s “new” “news” “comedy” show The Feed, and we have one question: what the hell happened to Marc Fennell’s hair? The once curly-haired youth seems to have filled a toilet bowel with straightener and given himself an atomic swirly going by the flat, glossy, unsettling, frozen sculpture... Read More »

Well, the Hell With This

Press release time! Wait, is it April Fools already? GET READY FOR ANOTHER HIT OF NOSTALGIA; TRACTOR MONKEYS IS BACK! ABC TV Entertainment has just begun pre production on the second series of the comedy quiz show that puts the funny filter on the iconic and best loved pop cultural gems of recent decades. Comedian... Read More »