Comedy Books

The un-late Clive James

It was revealed in the British press last Thursday that Australia’s own Clive James is dying of cancer. He's not strictly a comedian, but his death would be a significant loss to Australian... Read More »

The Biography Treatment

It's hard to think of an Australian comedian more written about than Barry Humphries. If you're a Humphries fan your bookshelves are already groaning with numerous biographies and studies of the great man. Now there's a new Humphries book to add to the shelf – one that could just about replace all the Humphries books ever written - the biography One Man Show: The Stage of Barry Humphries by University of New England academic Anne... Read More »

Voting starts now!

Voting is now open. Head to to make your... Read More »

Third Tuesday Book Club

In a new, and no doubt soon to be highly irregular, feature of this blog, Bean Is A Carrot trawls through her collection of books about Australian... Read More »

Holding Up a Mirror to Multicultural Society

Despite generally avoiding Australian literature like it was a pub trivia night hosted by Peter Costello, recently I started reading Christos Tsiolkas’s novel The... Read More »

Thinking About Bargains? (or, how the mighty have fallen)

Don’t you hate the way those Book Warehouse places always have two supposedly separate but in reality impossible to divide sections – one where all the books are $5 or less, and one (with all the interesting books) where the prices vary and aren’t really that cheap? Anyway, while lured inside one of their stores... Read More »

Thank you Charlie

Am I mistaken, or did I actually see Charlie Pickering laugh so hard he put his head down on the podium and thump it with his fist during a recent episode of Talkin’ ‘bout Your Generation? It’s a well-established fact that Charlie is perhaps the most appreciative fan of Shaun Micallef’s one-liners ever, but even... Read More »

What Is Truth?

Reviewing Tony Martin’s second book, A Nest of Occasionals, is easy: in pretty much every way it’s just like his first. So if you’re a fan of Lolly Scramble,... Read More »