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Where has all the comedy gone? Part 3,671

In not-very-surprising news, a study into first run Australian content on ABC has found a 41% decline over the past... Read More »

Fresh Blood 2024: A new hope

The ABC’s new comedy talent initiative Fresh Blood has thrown up some shows of variable quality. But in 2024, things are looking... Read More »

Vale Australian Epic

Australian Epic assumes you'll find the concept of the series funny. Musical-style songs about events from Australia’s recent past?... Read More »

Prats in the ranks: Darradong Local Council

Darradong Local Council is technically an all-new series but you could slap the titles for Housos on it and no one would spot the... Read More »

Vale Mother and Son

The biggest single problem Mother and Son is that so much about the way it’s been made seems to be working against it being comedy... Read More »

C*A*U*G*H*T-ing laughs

Stan’s new comedy C*A*U*G*H*T is the sort of show no one expected in 2023. It’s a pure comedy which just wants to make you... Read More »

Gimme that White Fever

White Fever seems firmly in the recent tradition of making shows that look like sitcoms but turn out to be mildly depressing... Read More »

Hideout in plain site

From The Hideout with Pete Smith, Tony Martin and Djovan Caro is a loose chat between three men who share a similar set of... Read More »

Vale Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers failed as a comedy. Neither the historical setting nor the obnoxious lead characters generated a lot... Read More »

Our thoughts on the 2023 Logies

The 2023 Logies was exactly what we’ve come to expect: a lot of awards going to shows and people who barely deserve a... Read More »