Bean Is A Carrot, Author at Australian Tumbleweeds

A Short Monologue

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Have you been paying attention for 11 years?

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Hannah Gadsby is Something Special

Hannah Gadsby’s Something Special, now on Netflix, is the feel-good follow-up to their previous stand-up shows Nanette and Douglas.... Read More »

Vale Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries was a pioneer, an original and endlessly inventive. Australian comedy would be nothing without... Read More »

The best café coffee you’ll have all year

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Vale, Would I Lie To You? Australia series 2

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Getting well like a maniac

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Sketches interrupted

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Pointless tasks

We start Australian comedy 2023 with a local take on Taskmaster. Sadly, there's less opportunity for laughs in this show than we'd... Read More »

Vale Fisk series 2

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