Logies 2022 – Comedy breakdown

There are plenty of myths about the Logies, one of which is that it’s funny. “Drags on for ages with occasional laughs” would be more accurate. The basic problem with the Logies 2022 is there was too much giving awards out to reality shows and not enough gags.

Julia Morris, who opened the show, wasn’t exactly side-splitting. Referencing networking executives in the opening monologue has long been a feature of the Logies, but choosing to suck up to them rather than giving them a roasting isn’t a mistake masters of the genre, like the late Bert Newton, who was remembered during the ceremony, ever made:

Also disappointing in the comedy stakes is this Hamish and Andy sketch about voter fraud. Kids can be funny, but only if you give them funny lines:

Speaking of scandals, Most Outstanding Entertainment or Comedy Program took the award for Most Ludicrous Category. The nominees were one comedy program, Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell, one quiz show, Hard Quiz, and The Masked Singer, The Voice and Lego Masters. Inevitably, the award was not won by the one comedy program, but by Lego Masters. Maybe Micallef needs to get the Kraken making stuff out of bricks next series?

At least one of the good comedies nominated for Most Popular Comedy Program, won: Have You Been Paying Attention? Well done to them.

Also a worthy winner, albeit a surprise one, was Fisk’s Kitty Flanagan who took out the Most Popular Actress category, beating the likes of Anna Torv and Deborah Mailman. Flanagan, sadly, wasn’t present, but Sam Pang was a decent substitute and gave an amusing speech when he accepted her award:

Otherwise, it was Hamish Blake’s night, with him taking out the Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter and the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality.

So, comedy was not much of a winner, overall, although Tony Martin’s voiceover work was good value, complete with references to On The Buses and a cameo from Pete Smith.

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  • watercoolerdictator says:

    No thoughts on Jimmy Rees’ bits? Something of a surprise they were.

  • watercoolerdictator says:

    Yeah I’d have to agree that Julia Morris’s opening monologue wasn’t that funny. Which begs the question; who would we like to see doing that? Sam Pang? Shaun Micallef? Kates McL & McC? The problem is I figure whoever we would like to do it would run a million miles away from wanting to.

    Enjoyed Chrissie Swan getting a few zingers in at the expense of Karl Stefanovic, who seems to have no problems with coming across as a buffoon.

    And was it just me or did Tom Gleeson look relieved that he didn’t win the Gold Logie this time?

    The Logies were surprisingly watchable even though it went on too long. And thank you Tony Martin for “Sam Pang, most popular actress”. Shame Mad As Hell didn’t win anything.

  • Andrew says:

    clearly Ms Morris wasn’t gifted the same writer(s) as she has on I’m A Celebrity. On that show she plays to her strength. On the Logies she struggled.

    Not sure if Magda had her intro for one of the drama awards written for her but it also missed the mark. Yes, yes, Melbourne the most locked down city — yawn.

    Full marks to Chrissie Swan for having a bit of fun with her part.

    And why are we persisting with Dave Hughes. I know Bert is no longer with us but they couldn’t find anyone of his stature to hand out the big award instead of this unfunny screecher