Vote now in the Australian Tumbleweed Awards 2018!

It’s that time of year again…it’s time to cast your vote in the Australian Tumbleweed Awards 2018.

Excited comedy fans around the nation are doing it, so why don’t you?

Democracy sausage

Sketch comedy, sitcoms, satire, panel shows, films and pilots – we want to know what you thought were the worst (and best) Australian comedies of 2018.

You can read the rules, see the nominations and cast your vote here from now until midnight on Friday 11th January.

We’ll announce the results on or about Australian Day 2019.

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  • Lele(le) says:

    Tumbleweeds bloggers, quick question for you: what were your thoughts on Mad as Hell’s new cast members this season? Not knocking the show in general as it has maintained its ludicrously high standards as usual, but I did feel like the two new girls who came in this season (Molly Daniels and Ming-Zhu Hii) stood out conspicuously as not at the standard of the usual regulars (Stephen Hall, Tosh Greenslade, Emily Taheny, Roz Hammond and Francis Greenslade) who are five of the best comedy performers in Australia.

    For me it brought this season down a tad compared to the last few as I felt the character work wasn’t as strong or as funny when the new girls were on screen. I found that their delivery often didn’t live up to the exceptional quality of lines they were given and I was often distracted by the mediocrity of their performances.

    It didn’t prevent Mad as Hell from being the best comedy on Australian television by an absolute mile but imo it introduced a rare chink in to the show’s hitherto flawless armour.


  • sven says:

    They didn’t do much but it is a pretty tight group you are asked to join. And when everyone is going over the top with their well established characters it might not hurt to play it ‘on the downlow’. And Daniels in VS Business and Hii in Ex-pm had average material to play with there.

  • Yep says:

    I’m not one of the Tumbleweeders, but I am an opinionated loudmouth…

    While I agree that the new performers weren’t able to run at the pace of actors like the Greenslades, Hammond, Hall and Taheny straight out of the gates (but really, who could?!), I quite liked them. I suspect the issue is less with them, and more that they have not yet had the opportunity to sink into a signature character yet.

    Neither were given anyone as immediately striking to play as Dolly or Professor Orbspider or Taheny’s exquisite liberal party spokesmonster. (Although I seem to recall a TAFE student character somewhere around the half-way mark of the series that was pretty funny…)

    I’m probably talking complete nonsense (since I seem to recall Emily Taheny tearing up the place as soon as the arrived), but I kind of hope to see more of them in future, with the chance to experiment a little more, relax, and sink their teeth into something more substantial than playing the straight-guy role as a ‘Slightly Off Kilter Reporter Doing a Prerecorded Field Piece’. And with writers as good as the ones on this team, I’m sure they will.

    Also, I couldn’t agree more: Mad As Hell remains the funniest goddamn thing on Australian television.