Ugh God What’s the Point

The Weekly: what the fuck? Sure, Cyclone Debbie isn’t funny, and you know what comedy shows do with subjects that aren’t funny? They either find a way to be funny about it, or they shut their mouths and move on. You know what they don’t do? They don’t open with a “hope everyone’s keeping safe” message like they’re the goshdarn Royal Family expressing their concern. You’re a comedy show: be funny or… oh yeah, right. Guess showing your concern is about as good as it gets.

Otherwise yeah, we’re probably going to give these weekly updates away – after all, if Briggs isn’t going to turn up for his own show then why should we? It’s not like we’re actually enjoying the “hilarious” riffs on company tax and Donald Trump. Hey, here’s a fun fact: you know America? You know how it has ten times as many people as Australia? That means it has at least ten times as many professional comedians out there working hard to make fun of their President and thanks to the wonders of The Internet we have access to pretty much everything they say. So your Trump jokes? They look shit. Because that’s what they are.

Also, what’s the deal with THREE interviews? Yes, two were with funny people, but next to Charlie Pickering anyone looks good and if we can only get him into a room with our collection of used toothbrushes we reckon we can get producers on board to make them the stars of the next knock-off of Friends. As for Hard Chat, it’s more like Damp Squib now that everyone who comes on board knows the deal. This segment has run its course. FACT.

We wouldn’t mind so much that The Weekly is turning into an interview program because heaven knows the scripted material each week isn’t that great. But isn’t there an interview program on before it? Since when has the ABC become “Fuck it, let’s just get as many people as we can onto every show to talk for free, it’s not like we can afford to pay anyone to make decent television anymore oh wait we just answered our own question forget we said anything.”

Even Kitty Flanagan only makes thing worse by being actually funny. Look everyone! Funny people exist! If you point a camera at them, they’ll say and do funny things! But why do that when you can put Tom Gleeson on instead and have Charlie Pickering literally read the news for most of the show. And it’s never going to change because why would it? No-one cares. There’s still eleven weeks to go.

We do like to think Sky News let Mark Latham go just to fuck with The Weekly though. That at least we can laugh at.


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  • David M says:

    Was this the episode where they interviewed a kid who punched a croc?
    I can’t wait until they change the title to “Tonight Live with S̶t̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶V̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ Charlie Pickering”

  • 13 schoolyards says:

    Think that was last week’s stellar episode.

  • Andrew says:

    Please keep doing the recaps of The Weekly so that I can know I’m not missing anything by not watching it.