Comedy blap on the radar

Even in the risk averse comedy climate that is Australia’s, you’d think a show featuring Gina Reilly and Hamish Blake could get funding. But no, Ryan Shelton’s new web series How To Life has been funded by Britain’s Channel 4 and is currently available online as part of Comedy Blaps.

Comedy Blaps is Channel 4’s new talent showcase. According to their submission guidelines, anyone can submit, either as individuals or via a production comedy.

Blaps are entry level, grassroots series of 3 x 4 minute pieces, for brand new comedy ideas and talent to find their creative feet. We’re looking for ideas that work brilliantly as shorts, but have the scale and potential to develop further and possibly get a full pilot.

It’s easy to see why How To Life made the grade. It’s fast-paced, slick, and the idea – a parody of a life tips show – has never-ending possibilities. It would definitely work as a series of half-hour programs.

It also seems a little influenced by The Katering Show, not that Ryan Shelton hasn’t been making comedy in a similar but very much his own style for more than a decade. The sequences where he walks and talks to camera while funny things happen around him? They’re still there. The over-the-top comedy of awkward? That’s still there. Basically, if you hated him on Rove Live or Real Stories don’t bother. Which would be a shame, because this is pretty good.

When Ryan skips his brother’s wedding to go on a date with a girl he’s met through an app, everything seems to be going great until…we won’t spoil it, but it’s bad.

Gina Reilly as Ryan’s overbearing Mum and Hamish Blake as his dull brother are stand-outs, and would no doubt be a feature if this becomes a full series.

Want to watch it for yourself? Here you go…

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