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Over the last decade or so, Australia has failed to develop an international – or even local – reputation for quality cinematic comedy. Could Down Under be the film to change that? Has Australian comedy finally moved beyond ethnic stereotypes and bogans doing stupid shit?

Oh well, there’s always cutting edge comedy on the small screen, right?

Ha ha, it’s funny because they’ve got a long desk and the elections been going for so long! Only they’re not actually starting until the election’s halfway over, so… yeah.

It’s no wonder we’re constantly being accused of living in the past…

Ok, so “unseen” Roger Explosion isn’t all that different from good old regular “seen” Roger Explosion, mostly because Roger Explosion was designed to be a reoccurring sketch on Full Frontal. One dimensional characters, repetitive jokes, hammy performances, and nothing to say about how we currently live our lives.

And yet somehow it’s still a whole lot funnier than 95% of current Australian comedy. Who would have thought it?

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  • EvilCommieDictator says:

    Holy crap, that trailer looks underwhelmingly woeful – like Paul Fenech half-heated his average mass-media pizza around an actual polarizing topic

  • David P says:

    Reader request and off-topic question, Tumbleweeders. Can I ask you to whip out your Ouija board and get in contact with the great Buzzfeed spirits from beyond, and make a list (or listicle, if you prefer) of your top 10 Australian TV/film etc comedies? I’m curious as to your thoughts/recommendations (obv Micallef and the Late Show are up there, but who else?)

  • Matlock says:

    Holy fucking shit what is that Down Under trailer supposed to be? It looks like a complete misfire on all counts.