Our Annual Post About the Comedy Logies Nominations

In a week when the only comedy on TV has been the try-hard satire of The Weekly, the only-funny-if-you’re-the-sort-of-arsehole-who-laughs-at-the-inadequacy-of-others Luke Warm Sex, the brilliant-but-short Clarke & Dawe and You’re Back In The Room hosted by Daryl Somers, there’s only one way to cap things off: this year’s comedy Logies nominations.

Best Entertainment Program

  • Family Feud (Network Ten)
  • Gruen (ABC)
  • Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
  • The Voice (Nine Network)
  • The X Factor Australia (Channel Seven)

Most Outstanding Entertainment Program

  • Gruen (ABC)
  • Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
  • The Voice (Nine Network)
  • The Weekly With Charlie Pickering (ABC)
  • The X Factor Australia (Channel Seven)

Most Outstanding Comedy Program

  • No Activity (Stan)
  • Open Slather (Foxtel – The Comedy Channel)
  • Please Like Me (ABC)
  • Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (ABC)
  • Utopia (ABC)

Could have been worse, we suppose.

Although, just as you realise that at least Gruen probably won’t win because either The Voice or The X Factor will, you also realise that Mad As Hell also probably won’t win because the kind of comedy shows that comedy fans like almost never do. (We’re predicting a win for Utopia in the Most Outstanding Comedy category.)

We do question whether the result of the Logies is something anyone cares about in 2016, though. Once, the teen vote was important to the Logies and teens bought extra copies TV Week so they could get the coupon to vote for their favourite soap stars. Now, teens are absorbed by online media providers like Snapchat and YouTube, and probably don’t know the Logies exists. As for adults, they’re still watching TV but the buzz is around American dramas on streaming services like Netflix. It’s great that the Logies is now recognising locally-made streamed shows (hence the nomination for No Activity) but does anyone care about them, let alone who wins the Logies?

Remember that old gag about network publicity chiefs rigging the Logies results by getting their minions to vote multiple times? Now we’re wondering if they’re the only ones interested in the entire ceremony. That’s the best explanation we can come up with for the nomination for Open Slather.

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  • Billy C says:

    I think Open slather made the list because each network is limited in the number of things it can nominate. Also 7 ,10 and 9 did not have any comedy.