Bringing It Home

We shouldn’t have to rely on our ex-pats (or fair-chunk-of-the-year-ex-pats) to “nail it” satire-wise, but here’s a comedy song you’re probably more than familiar with by now, and boy does much-of-the-year London resident Tim Minchin “nail it”.

It’s not just the sentiment of Come Home (Cardinal Pell) that we like, it’s that this delivers on pretty much everything you’d want from a song that’s campaigning for something:

  • It’s catchy – you can sing along or clap along very easily
  • It’s an ear-worm – damn you, Minchin, it’s been stuck in our heads for days!
  • It’s clever, surprising and intriguing – you never quite know where the lyrics are going
  • It’s funny – which makes it and its message highly likely to be shared
  • It’s popular – and with it now heading for more than million views on YouTube it’s presumably making lots of money for the Send the Ballarat Survivors to Rome fund

All in all, a winner of a song. And even more impressive…

It was written in 1 day

recorded, filmed & mixed in 1 day

and edited & mastered in 1 day

Which makes us wonder a bit about our locally-based satirists, and where they’re going wrong. People say they’re nailing it, but are they?

Feel free to tell us how this made a contribution. Seriously, this is one of the bigger news stories of the moment, and one with a clear bad guy who deserves a kicking – c’mon, even if you think he’s 100% innocent, as the boss of the local branch at the time when some of his priests were molesting children he really does owe the victims of his organisation a face-to-face appearance – and yet the best The Weekly can do is few half-arsed gags about Pell having a drag name, a dodgy doctor, and how the older folks enjoy cruises and don’t get how to use Skype. More like Cardinal SMELL, amirite?

Oh, and that amazing final metaphor about how we should let him tell his story as this (uh, what “this”?) will be with him for the rest of his life. Yeah, that spoke truth to Catholic power. NAILED IT!!!!

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  • EvilCommieDictator says:

    (Probably not) Did you see the picture of The Weekly cast (unfortunately from Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog), a hate read which I’m getting less fond of×540.jpg

  • UnSub says:

    Good to see you are done with the Weekly. 🙂

    As another data point in the Weekly’s failure to cover anything of import, a closer-to-home example is Media Watch. They recently covered a story where ex-PM Tony Abbott’s “personal meal with Barack Obama” turned out to be “ex-PM at large function with US President as a personal guest of Rupert Murdoch, which then got a media ‘exclusive’ in one of Murdoch’s papers”.

    That’s the kind of story that the Weekly could turn into some kind of comedy – the Daily Show certainly would. Except they are beaten to the punch by Media Watch, who put the actual effort into some research and investigation (and were arguably snarkier than the Weekly could ever be).

    When Media Watch is funnier than the alleged comedy news program, the Weekly has some serious issues to ponder.

  • Bean Is A Carrot says:

    Yeah, because no other TV show has a crew that size. (Or probably a bigger one.)

  • Bean Is A Carrot says:

    We’ll never be done with The Weekly.