Taxicab Confessions III: Going Home In a Body Bag

Ok, now this is getting weird. Remember yesterday we posted about some alleged incident allegedly involving alleged comedy figure Paul Fenech?

THE ‘‘mishap’’ Fat Pizza actor Paul Fenech suffered two weeks ago, ending his stint on Dancing With The Stars before it even began, was allegedly the result of a violent altercation with a taxi driver.

Well, it seems this story is the gift that keeps on giving if you’re the people at the Daily Telegraph‘s “Sydney Confidential” page:

A WEEK after his house was torched in mysterious circumstances, Fat Pizza star Alex Haddad has spoken about the breakdown of his friendship with alleged cabbie basher Paul Fenech.

With Fenech due in court next month charged with ­assaulting a cab driver on August 22, Haddad has opened up for the first time about the souring of his relationship with his former mentor. There is no suggestion Fenech had anything to do with the house fire.

Haddad says he and his Fat Pizza producer and co-star fell out amid claims he was using his TV launch pad to “pick up chicks”.

Call us dim, but we’ve read and re-read this story a dozen times or more and we still can’t figure it out. It seems that Haddad and Fenech are no longer friends, and also Haddad’s house was torched. But that has nothing to do with them not being friends so please don’t draw that inference because that would be totally wrong and also inaccurate. Did we mention this:

It’s clear someone from the Pizza cast or crew has it in for Haddad.


The administrator of the show’s Facebook page taunted Haddad on the site after his house burnt down on September 2.

Case closed officer, throw away the key. But also:

There is no suggestion Fenech had anything to do with the house fire.

So which one is it? Arrgh, this is doing our head in. We need a good laugh to get over all this tension – but where to find one…

Haddad, who also featured in Underbelly and Packed To The Rafters, claims Fenech isn’t too dissimilar in some ways from the character he plays on the un-PC production.

“But, he is not a bad person. He does like to give to charity.”

Ok, that’s a start. But with a story like this, you really need a big laugh to bring it all home. Oh, wait:

Haddad however isn’t ­focusing on Fenech’s jealousy. Instead he has plans to crack the US, like former Pizza star Rebel Wilson.

“With my Armenian background and the industry in the US having a major Armenian contribution, I have an advantage over a lot of others,” he says.

Yep, that’ll do it.

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  • Tony Tea says:

    “He was a smashing bloke. He used to give his mother flowers and that.”

  • Andrew says:

    reading Sydney Confidential was your first problem… makes New Idea look like quality journalism