Australian Tumbleweeds 2012 – voting now open

Voting is open in this year’s Australian Tumbleweeds 2012. Now in its 7th year, the Australian Tumbleweeds hails the failures (and occasional successes) of this nation’s comic talent.

Your online voting form can be found here:

You have until midnight on Sunday 6th January 2013 to vote. Please only vote once. Full rules and instructions can be found with the voting form.

The winners will be announced on or about Australia Day.

As always, the official Twitter hashtag is #tumblies.

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  • UnSubject says:

    Well, the state of Australian TV comedy really is at least a year behind, isn’t it? 😉

    (Or: check your post title again.)

  • Bean Is A Carrot says:

    Well spotted!

  • Andrew says:

    only 3 nominees? Very narrow options there, there were lots of categories I chose not to pick anyone.. Clearly many of those I nominated in the first round didn’t make the top 3.