Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All?

Well, they sure do over at the ABC: as a couple of our readers have already pointed out, the ABC just plum forgot to nominate Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys for any of those highly regarded Logie Awards for 2011. All together now:

Ahhahahahahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahahahah *heavy sigh* heh.

This story alone is funnier than anything that happened across the twelve big weeks that Angry Boys steadfastly refused to develop into anything more than Lilley wacking off in the face of Australia, especially when you consider it’s basically the same as that “look – he’s pissing on stuff!” running gag except this time the ABC has pissed on Lilley’s dreams of scoring even more Logie-related acclaim.

Of course, outside of Lilley’s House of Sulking, does anyone actually think this is a bad thing for him? Could this not, in fact, be read as the ABC (accidentally or not) doing him a favour by sparing him the serious embarrassment of failing to scoop the pool this time out? After all, with his previous shows the Logies have basically run at him with their pants around their ankles ready to douse him with their love, but with Angry Boys doing an excellent job of shedding viewers week after week and a bunch of semi-decent comedy shows also coming out in 2011 it’s not exactly crazy to imagine that he wouldn’t have won a damn thing this time around.*

Not to mention that if he’d actually been nominated and failed to win, it wouldn’t just be a large reminder that Angry Boys was, how you say… shithouse? – it’d also be a direct rebuff to the narrative the ABC and Lilley’s fans have been creating about the series where, while ye olde ratings were down, viewers on the internet and on DVD more than made up for it. Those mystery viewers have all had plenty of time to get caught up and they all can fill out a Logies form: if the show had failed to do as well as his previous efforts at the Logies, dodging the “big fat flop” tag would become that much harder.

In short: Lilley probably is complaining more for show than for real. This way he can simply blame it all on the ABC, claim “I totally would have won, you guys” in the Ja’ime voice while wearing the wig for no reason whatsoever, and move on to planning an eighteen part series based entirely on the time he heard some kid at a bus stop say “totes”.


*hands up anyone who hasn’t heard the rumours that the Logies are largely decided by network publicists buying up copies of TV Week and sending in voting forms for the shows they want to win? Okay, now hands up anyone who thinks that this kind of “whoops, sorry, we forgot to put your name in” event may have started out as “whoops, sorry, we’re not going to throw our weight behind your Logies push this year”. That many? For shame, you cynical sods. Good luck to Adam Hills, by the way.

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