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We were recently contacted by Joel Slack-Smith, who along with Heidi Regan, has written and produced a parody of inane tourist guide videos called London Wow. Joel and Heidi are Australians in London and their videos set in UK capital are well made and quite funny. Find them at www.youtube.com/londonwowtourism.

* * *

Also available online is the new weekly podcast 5 Things with Nath Valvo, Stacey June and Sean Lynch (you may remember Nath and Sean from The Shambles). The episodes are short and pithy, and Nath and Sean are thick and fast with the cornball gags, but this is clearly an audition for a shift on Nova so if that sort of thing’s not your bag don’t bother.

* * *

The Australian reported the other day that the remake rights to the 2001 Australian comedy film The Man Who Sued God (which starred Billy Connolly and Judy Davis) have been sold to a US company. The Man Who Sued God, as far as we can remember, wasn’t exactly a great piece of cinema. The idea of suing God sounds hilarious in theory but the script struggled to be both believable and funny, and the only decent lines seemed to have come from John Clarke, who wrote the original screenplay. We suspect the future for this project may be less Wilfred more Sit Down Shut Up.

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