Wherefore art thou, Full Frontal series 4?

It’s probably not the most anticipated comedy DVD of the year, but for those of us of a certain age – and a certain fondness for the work of Shaun Micallef – Shock’s announcement a few months back that they were finally going to be releasing series 4 of Full Frontal was very good news indeed.

Like all seasons of Full Frontal, “hit and miss” barely covers it, but series 4 was Micallef’s final one with the show before he went solo and became the comedy titan he is today when he’s not reading out questions on Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation. While much of his good work from that season is available on Shock’s earlier release The Incompleat Micallef, there’s still gold in them thar hills and a complete DVD collection would finally make it readily available.

So what happened? Well, the release of FF4 has been put back and put back throughout the announced release month of August until come September we’re in the odd situation where it’s supposedly been released but no-one’s actually seen it for sale anywhere. At least, no-one we know has.

So here’s the challenge: if you see a copy of Full Frontal series 4 for sale anywhere – as in, an actual physical copy in a bricks-and-mortar store – drop us a line. Conversely, if you know for sure that it’s not available, feel free to let us know that (and why it’s been given the run-around) too. At least with the recently delayed Kitty Flanagan DVD the distributor actually announced it was being delayed until 2011; the DVD of Full Frontal series 4 seems to have just fallen off the face of the earth.

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  • 13 schoolyards says:

    Word has trickled down that the last two seasons of Full Frontal are still on the cards – there’s much been some mastering problems that have held things up. New release dates should be announced fairly soon (we hope).

    Much, much less importantly, Totally Full Frontal is also due out before the end of the year. Presumably with NEVER FORGET! splashed across the cover.

  • Daniel Hopmans says:

    Both seasons 4 and 5 have been postponed until 2011.
    Year 1 of TFF is due out Dec. 8.

  • Patrick Tuohy says:

    Wasnt there ony one season of Totally Full frontal

  • Patrick Tuohy says:

    Never mind I had a look, by the way I think Shaun Micallef was in it until it ended on channel 7

  • Bean Is A Carrot says:

    Micallef wrote for Full Frontal for its first year (1993) and then was in it for two (maybe three) years. It went over to 10 as Totally Full Frontal in 1998 and did two series.