Hype: Shaun Micallef’s comedy CD

Yeah, yeah, we’re just re-printing the press release.  But it’s still big news – after all, when was the last time a comedy CD came out in this country that wasn’t just a collection of radio prank calls or a live stand-up set? Plus it’s Micallef mucking about for just under an hour, making it the comedy high point of 2009 – FACT.

Although he’s written, produced and starred in such award winning TV programs as Full Frontal, The Micallef P(r)ogram(me), Micallef Tonight and Newstopia PLUS fronted the immensely popular Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation, comedian Shaun Micallef is anything but a one-man band – he’s a WHOLE GROUP!
On His Generation, Shaun finally gets to play all the roles he’s ever wanted to play. Every interview, character, scene and song is brought to life by Shaun and Shaun alone. His megalomania, unchecked and rampant on this, his first album, will appal you.
29 tracks! Over 47 voices! Almost 55 minutes of hysterical laughter! From murderous doctors to Satan-obsessed Gospel singers, from boring fruit shop owners to Oprah-watching al-Qaeda operatives. Shaun Micallef does them all. HEAR Charlton Heston record the Bible! LISTEN as Christopher Walken sings a David Bowie song! GASP at the sheer audacity of Shaun attempting to cover of The Who‘s ‘My Generation‘!
This soon to be Platinum album is yours to own legally if you take it to the counter and purchase it with money. Or why not buy it bit by bit on iTunes for $1.69 a track (you miss out on the cover and attractive photos of Shaun though).

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