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And The Winner Is… Sid-e-knee

As people who run an awards ceremony of our own – well, the general public vote in the Australian Tumbleweed Awards, but you know what we mean – we have a tiny bit of compassion for the AWGIE awards. Clearly The Australian Writers Guild’s hearts are in the right place: considering how low on the... Read More »

Vale The Moodys

For whatever reason, one of the big, big fears Australian comedy has had over the last decade or so is that of going big. Not for the wide brown land any broad stereotypes or exaggerated characteristics, oh no: we like our comedy restrained to the point where it’s almost impossible to tell that it actually... Read More »

The Moodys’ blues

The Moodys is sort of in the tradition of good family sitcoms like Upper Middle Bogan and Arrested Development, and sort of... Read More »

The coming year in LOLZ

With TV and radio having pretty much wound down until the end of January, and as a prelude to our glittering launch of the 2013 Australian Tumbleweed Awards, we present our annual preview of where you will – or won’t – be getting your locally-made televisual laughs in... Read More »