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Australian Tumbleweeds Awards 2023

The results of the Australian Tumbleweeds Awards 2023, in which we honour the best and worst of Australian... Read More »

Tonight Ain’t Your Night, Bro

A few people today have noticed something we picked up on yesterday: Channel Ten’s pulled the plug on tonight’s comedy line-up. No Thank God You’re Here, no The Inspired Unemployed. And why? The sudden realisation that Australian comedy is in a death spiral and they were only prolonging the agony? Worse: they don’t want it... Read More »

Gainfully Unemployed

Pranks! They’re the lowest form of comedy and we all know it. They’re the kind of thing your unfunny mate tries to get you to watch during half time at the footy, and you’ve only got yourself to blame because what are you doing at the footy in the first place. But we’ve laughed at... Read More »

If We Had To Choose One Word

Press release time! “Hilarious” “Awkwardly hilarious” “Renowned content creators” “Hilarious” “Internet sensations” “Perfect format” “Hilarious” Yeah, we’re done... Read More »