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The Houso Of The Rising Sun

Hey, remember how Paul Fenech was so annoyed SBS didn’t instantly greenlight a second series of Housos after the first that he went off and made a movie instead? And the movie was released into cinemas? Where people were expected to pay to see it? Guess the jokes on us: not only did the movie... Read More »

Whooah, we’re halfway there

Back in the dark ages of 2008, when we were just an annual awards ceremony that only some of The Chaser had heard of, Swift & Shift Couriers had recently finished its first, disappointing series. Facing stiff competition from Rebel Wilson's pre-Bridesmaids s(h)itcom Bogan Pride, Swift & Shift... series 1 was relegated to second place in the popular vote for the 2008 Australian Tumbleweeds Worst Sitcom... Read More »

S&S Music Factory

Swift & Shift Couriers returns to our screens tonight after a long absence. A long, looong absence. In fact, if various rumours are true, the only reason we’re even seeing it now is because someone very high up in the SBS scheme of things left the network earlier this year. To be even more blunt:... Read More »