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Hey Hey It’s Stop Laughing… This is serious Day

An obvious omission from the first series of Stop Laughing…This is serious was Hey Hey It’s Saturday. A show which in its day was hugely popular, but on reflection seems embarrassing. And we don’t just mean the Jackson Jive. It was impossible not to watch all the clips from Hey Hey… – and the various... Read More »

Stop Laughing… we certainly did

The first series of Stop Laughing…this is serious was a worthy if largely unsuccessful attempt to cover the entire history of Australian comedy in three 1-hour programs. Now it’s back for a second series, and in the first episode, the topic was characters. At the start of the episode, the following theory was posited: Barry... Read More »

Vale Stop Laughing…this is Serious

The final episode of Stop Laughing…this is Serious aired last night, and while we’re as delighted as anyone that 180 minutes of ABC time were given over to these programs, they were sadly a rather unsatisfying survey of the... Read More »

This is serious (Mum!)

Most of the time history is messy, contradictory and hard to compartmentalise, and Stop Laughing…this Is Serious, a new documentary on Australian comedy, gets it right by keeping its themes broad and... Read More »

Well, Now We Know Why The Roast Got The Chop

From the ABC’s press release trumpeting their 2015 line-up: Comedian CHARLIE PICKERING returns to ABC to present a news comedy show that promises to be opinionated and outspoken Well, at least they didn’t say “funny”. According to websites much closer to actual news sites than ours: Humorist and self-avowed political junkie Charlie Pickering will host... Read More »