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We’re on the Road to Nowhere

Australian comedy rarely rewards original ideas. But Squinters goes one better than the usual rehashes and retreads: not only is it basically a remake of production company Jungle’s recent Stan series No Activity, but within the same format you’ll spot a number of popular comedy dynamics being dusted off and taken for a spin. Is... Read More »

Move Along People, Nothing To See Here

Often the funniest thing about an improvised show is when one of the producers or performers does an interview where they say the dialogue is so wacky “you couldn’t write this stuff!” This usually comes right after describing a process that is, for all intents and purposes, writing: topics are chosen, people sit around coming... Read More »

Movement at the Station

Here’s all we know: No Activity is returning to Stan with new episodes on October 26th. As the press release says: Rose Byrne and Damon Herriman join Patrick Brammall, Darren Gilshenan, Genevieve Morris,  Harriet Dyer, Dan Wyllie and David Field for more action, more romance, more… well, just more sitting around. We weren’t exactly massive... Read More »