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Two Times The Love!

While we’d like to thank everyone who sent in cards and letters over the last few hours congratulating us on taking over the role of Head of Comedy at the ABC, bad news: we didn’t get the gig. It’s an easy mistake to make though, considering this was one of the main planks of today’s... Read More »

Vale Laid 2

By the time you read this Laid will have vanished from our screens forever and we’re not really sure how we’re going to cope. Remember what life was like early in 2010, before Laid started on the ABC? Remember how – you’ll laugh to remember this – we all thought that a comedy was meant... Read More »

Got the Love, Got the Love

Ben Pobjie would be the first to tell you he isn’t a TV critic. Rather, he’s just a guy with an opinion about television and who really cares what he thinks because everyone’s opinions are equally valid and it’s just television anyway, right? Let’s pause to salute the Fairfax press for giving someone with such... Read More »

We’re Bashing Our Heads Against a Brick Wall Over Here

Sometimes it’s good to take on board opinions diametrically opposed to yours to broaden your view on a subject. Other times you find yourself reading something that’s just plain wrong. Guess which is which with regards to The Sunday Age‘s Melinda Houston and her most recent write-up of Randling? Everyone, including the audience at home,... Read More »

Laid 2: Face/Off

When a series such as Laid gets renewed, the conversation around it changes a little. No longer is it sufficient merely to attack it for being a complete and utter waste of time, for clearly by being renewed the ABC have indicated that they want it to be a complete and utter waste of time.... Read More »

Getting Dark Early These Days

In yesterday’s Green Guide Debi Enker wrote something that will come as no surprise whatsoever to long-suffering readers of this blog: “Wednesday night ratings are not giving Aunty much joy”: In recent years, the ABC has established Wednesday as a home for crowd-pleasing light entertainment. Reliably anchored by Spicks & Specks, it offered a selection... Read More »

Laid 2: Money Never Sleeps

Sorry folks, while we were supposed to have been paying attention to the massive (okay, going from 1.45 to 1.06 million viewers isn’t that bad considering all the pre-show hype) drop in ratings for Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year, we were instead off staring into the heart of the sun. Or the comedy equivalent, which... Read More »