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Tomorrow, You’re Always a Day Away

This is more of an update to our last post than a stand-alone item, but TV Tonight has picked up on the news that Nine is considering a couple of comedies: Nine is developing two new comedies: a half-hour and a one-hour show. Andy Ryan, co-head of drama, recently told Fairfax, “Comedy is back on the... Read More »

The State of Play in the World Today

Looks like someone at Fairfax has noticed there isn't much Australian comedy on the commercial networks these... Read More »

Husbanding Your Resources

House Husbands might not be a comedy, but it’s certainly the future of comedy. This wildly uneven, supposedly ‘heartwarming” look at four men who for various reasons are the primary caregivers to the children in their households is, like pretty much every single prime-time drama series that’s premiered on commercial television since the ABC invented... Read More »