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Six Days in a Weekly

So The Weekly isn’t funny. No news there. You know what else contains no news? The Weekly itself. Wait, hang on a second. The selling point of the current version of The Weekly is that “we watch the news so you don’t have to”. As the ABC Youtube channel put it: “Charlie Pickering takes all... Read More »

Finally Some Good News For Once

Press release time! The Cheap Seats Returns To Cover The Important Stories. Premieres Tuesday, 30 April At 8:30pm On 10 And 10 Play. Some have said that The Cheap Seats hosts, Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald, took a superficial approach to news and current affairs last season. This feedback has been taken seriously and is something season... Read More »

An Environmental Decline

So yeah, things have been pretty dry around here of late. There’s only so many weeks you can watch The Weekly expecting to see something new (or funny). Other options? They’re somewhat slim. What’s going on? Don’t people like to laugh any more? We’re a comedy blog, so don’t expect any great insights here. But... Read More »

Nuts to This

The Nut Farm is an Australian comedy movie, which means you might want to hurry if you want to see it on the big screen. You know, so in a decade or so’s time when the youth start asking questions like “What’s an Australian comedy movie?” and “What’s an Australian comedy?” and “What’s an Australian... Read More »

Stand (up) In The Place Where You Live

Earlier this week 10 broadcast a stand up comedy special from Aaron Chen, If It Weren’t Filmed, Nobody Would Believe. It’s ok. One of the best jokes is hidden in the opening title; Chen also undergoes a mystery costume change halfway through that is never (directly) commented on. The show is pretty good, not amazingly... Read More »

No Comedy Stans

Press release time! March 12, 2024 – Stan, Australia’s leading local streaming service and unrivalled home of original productions, announced 25 Stan Originals across television, film and documentaries during an intimate Stan Originals Showcase held at the iconic Sydney Opera House.  We know what you’re thinking: comedy is back baby! After all, with 25 Stan... Read More »

Old News is No News

As previously mentioned, currently Australian television is serving up one (1) new Australian comedy series: The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. One show. Across all of Australian television. Real solid foundation we’ve got for a blog there. This perhaps wouldn’t be quite so big a problem if The Weekly was any good at its job. As... Read More »

Satire? You’ve Got to be Joking

Sometimes when you want to get rid of something, slowly whittling it down to nothing is the way to go. Other times, a big rug pull to get it over and done with works best. And when you’re the ABC looking to trash 50-odd years of satirical content, why not both at once? Let’s not... Read More »

Again, The Weekly

The thing with good comedy is, it always has a point of view. One or more human beings found something funny and decided to share it with the rest of us. And when you don’t have that, you have The Weekly. Usually comedy series that lack soul make up for it with money. At one... Read More »

We Applied Rule 3Oh!3

If there’s one big problem with the current wave of dramedies – and there’s dozens of problems, but let’s continue – it’s that they’ve replaced comedy’s jokes and drama’s drama with… nothing. Dramadies are just aimless, drawn out dramas with a mildly amusing premise. They’re half an hour of limp dialogue and static staging that... Read More »